What we do
Lifecycle management of corporate real estate, technology and infrastructure assets.

Telco provides independent professional advisory services to occupiers and users of real estate assets. We are not real estate agents or valuers, so our advice is unconflicted and in the best interest of our occupier clients.


Our advisory services are collectively informed by our clients’ desired user and brand experience, their use of technology assets together with their requirements of their real estate assets. Our sectors of interest include office, entertainment, health, transport, hospitality and utility infrastructure assets.


Our vision is to support an embedded culture of sustainability in all of our client organisations. Our own carbon target is consistent with the Paris Agreement, keeping the global warming increase below 1.5°C. Emissions from our business we cannot avoid are offset using NZ carbon offsets.


We are already a diverse and inclusive business. We work hard to actively promote equality, respect and diversity in all that we do. For our staff, we aim to provide them with a rewarding career and an environment where they feel respected and their talents are allowed to flourish.

Our Services
Real Estate Assets
Corporate Real Estate Asset Advisory and Consultancy Services

— Tenant advocacy planning and strategy;
— Property asset financial analysis and cost forecasting;
— Corporate real estate and property due diligence;
— Site selection and property option analysis;
— Business case preparation;
— Property acquisition and lease negotiations;
— Property asset divestment and surrender negotiations.

Real Estate Asset Maintenance
Telco provides leading professional advisory services for all building fabric, property maintenance, all property asset reporting for utility infrastructure, office, retail and industrial portfolios. Our web enabled facilities management database is integrated into our asset management information system, our financial management system and our GIS (geographic information system) to locate and identify the property facilities under management. Our services include:

— Lifecycle planning and strategy advice for all property portfolio assets;
— Property asset creation;
— Property asset financial management;
— Property asset condition assessment & monitoring;
— Property facilities maintenance procurement;
— Property facilities asset rehabilitation or disposal;
— Property facilities information management and reporting;
— Property asset disposal.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Lifecycle Management means asset decisions should be made with cost consideration over the asset life from planning through the disposal. Telco uses the world leading SAP Enterprise Management Plataform to minimise the lifecycle costs for our clients in the following asset classes:

— Major utility infrastructure assets;
— Building services to office/people environments;
— Fixed and mobile industrial assets;
— Building services and plant supporting IT & sensitive environments;
— Data, voice & technology assets;

Asset Information Reporting
The Power of Asset Information at your finger tips

Our clients have immediate 24/7 web enabled secure access to their asset information for ready reproduction, analysis, manipulation or distribution across diverse internal client needs.


What makes Telco different is the detail and hierarchy in which we store asset information, and our intimate understanding of total lifecycle asset cost.

Property Management
Telco provides leading property management services to corporate and government clients in Australia and New Zealand. Our web enabled property and land information database is integrated into our asset management information system, our financial management system and our GIS (geographic information system) to locate and identify properties under management. Our services include:

— Property asset tenure management;
— Negotiation of all tenure documentation, renewals and rent reviews;
— Property portfolio analysis and annual budgeting;
— Financial management of all property portfolio costs;

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